Michigan Mortuary Operations Response Team (MI‐MORT) is Michigan’s Mass Fatality Response Team made up of various professions all with the common goal of assisting county Medical Examiners, Emergency Management and Public Health with Mass Fatality Management.

MI-MORT has worked to develop and implement protocols to respond to a mass fatalities incident within the state of Michigan using trained personnel from multiple state and local agencies, as well as other specialized resources in the event of a human-made or natural catastrophic incident. The investigative and identification process in a mass fatality situation is a multidisciplinary endeavor requiring multiple forensic and medical specialists to come together rapidly often under adverse conditions.

The fast response, accurate identification of mass fatality victims is of critical importance to any disaster mitigation operation. A death certificate issued by a Medical Examiner is necessary for issues of probate.  MI-MORT was formed with the initiative to service the needs of Medical Examiners allowing them to bring dignity and professionalism to caring for the deceased.

MI-MORT can provide the following as requested: First Response and Evaluation, Processing the Scene, Temporary Morgue Operations & Administration, Victim Information Collection and the roles of various forensic units (listed below) within the morgue which cover Victim Identification, Disposition of Human Remains (Embalming/Casketing), Personal Effects, and Evidence Collection.

     Fingerprint Specialists
     DNA Analysts
     Funeral Directors
     Law Enforcement

MI-MORT members are classified per their level of expertise they have achieved through experience and education.

Individuals with related disaster, forensic or mortuary experience may apply for MI-MORT membership by registering on the Michigan Volunteer Registry. For more information on membership see our Membership page.